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Amazon Drivers Say They Are Pushed to the Limit as Holiday Deliveries Reach a Frenzy

There are few things more important to Amazon than delivery. A large part of the reason the retailer is valued at $360 billion is that it has managed to get customers the things they want, cheaper and faster than its competitors. Read more →


Amazon Is Expanding Deliveries by Its “On-Demand” Drivers is quietly inviting drivers for its new “on-demand” delivery service to handle its standard packages…  Read more →


How Amazon Is Making Package Delivery Even Cheaper

The online retailer known for low prices and razor-thin profit margins looks to speed up delivery times and tamp down its growing multibillion dollar logistics bill… Read more →

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Everybody Loves Same-Day Delivery, Until…

Everyone likes the idea of same-day delivery. But who wants to pay for it? That’s the problem merchants face as the busy holiday shopping season approaches. They want to offer customers the near-instant gratification…  Read more →

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Slow Delivery Equals Slow Death in eCommerce

It’s 2005: Amazon launches Prime, which offers unlimited two-day delivery for an annual fee. They have a 10 percent ecommerce market share…  Read more →


Delivery in 15 Minutes? The Resurgence of On-Demand

Forget Postmates delivering restaurant food within an hour; imagine receiving an online Staples order in 15 minutes. Believe it or not, that on-demand service level once existed …  Read more →


Survey Shows Generational Expectations for Same-day Delivery, Mobile Wallet

Some of these results can no doubt be explained, at least in part, to the comfort level with technology and innovation that any younger generation may have compared to their elders.  Read more →


More Visibility, Fewer Problems

I.O. Metro turns to cloud-based logistics to speed delivery and improve customer service. ��Read more →

 Chain Store Age

The Keys to Winning the eCommerce (Rat) Race

It’s early evening in Chicago circa 2020. A courier company van sits in traffic, toting Target packages ordered from a customer’s phone at noon for delivery by end of the day…  Read more →

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National Sign Supply Wholesaler Grimco Selects Grand Junction to Manage Same-Day and Next-Day Deliveries

Comprehensive technology platform for accessing, rolling out, and managing national, same-day and scheduled delivery Read more →


Delivery Startup Mania: Where Is This All Going?

When Amazon announced last week that it would launch one and two-hour alcohol and restaurant delivery in Seattle, the surprise wasn’t that it was embarking on this new venture.  Read more →


Why Uber and Other On-Demand Companies Will Struggle with Package Delivery

“Undoubtedly.” It’s the simple answer most tech industry watchers give in response to the question of whether or not Uber will move beyond delivering people and into delivering packages.  Read more →


Walmart ShippingPass vs. Amazon Prime: The Fight for Last-Mile Rights

Walmart and Amazon are a study in contrasts, from corporate culture to omni-channel strategy…But all things being different, they are chasing the same thing—customer satisfaction. Read more →


Tech-enabling Same-Day Delivery, But Is It Really Worth It for Retailers?

No matter how you cut it, same day delivery is complicated – and expensive. “It’s that last bit of fruit that people want,” said…  Read more →


Racing to Your Door: the Cutting Edge of eCommerce Delivery

The race is heating up over who will dominate the world of “last-mile” delivery of online retail orders. It’s a crowded field, to be sure. Read more →

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San Francisco Startup Beats the Clock with Local Delivery Companies

Same-day delivery is here to stay. From groceries to burrito, services like Google Express, Postmates and Deliv can bring you whatever you need, whenever you need it. But lesser-know Grand Junction is shaking… Read more →

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5 On-Demand Services That Can make Your Life Easier

On-demand is in demand. There’s a glut of companies out there, from food delivery services to online retail stores, promising to give customers whatever they want, right now – or as close to that as they can come. Read more →


Beyond Labor Ruling, Uber’s Bigger Ambition: Same-Day Deliveries

Score one for the pros. The recent ruling by the California Labor Commission that Uber’s army of amateur cab drivers are really employees instead of cheaper independent contractors no doubt delights the beleaguered taxi and limo industry. Read more →


What the California Uber Ruling Means for Same-day Delivery

In a decision that could disrupt the highly disruptive demand economy, the California Labor Commission earlier this month ruled that Uber a driver who filed a complaint over unpaid expenses is an employee and not an independent contractor.  Read more →


New Software Helps Local Delivery Firms Provide Same-day Service

In the age of two-day, or even two-hour, shipping, retailers are struggling to keep up with customers’ rising expectations. And they’re operating without complete knowledge of what it will cost them.  Read more →


How Any Business Can Compete with Amazon’s Same-day Delivery

Amazon recently gave every distributor, wholesaler and brick-and-mortar retailer the motivation to get off the same-day delivery sideline
Read more →

Press Release

Grand Junction Establishes Itself as Leading Provider of National Same-day & Scheduled Delivery

In two years, the Company’s platform has grown to handle a local delivery every second.
Read more →


The Rush Is Still On: How Retailers Can Win the Same-Day Delivery Race

Just about a year ago, Retail Dive noted a definite surge in retailers and delivery services offering customers same-day delivery and asked… what’s the rush?  Read more →

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The Best Way to Save on Shipping Costs (and Headaches)

Shipping seems simple enough, like a slightly more complicated task than wrapping a gift. You put an item in a box, slap some stamps on it and stick it in a mailbox.  Read more →


The Re-emergence of On-Demand Delivery

Can you imagine ordering a pack of t-shirts from The Gap online and getting that purchase delivered 15 minutes later?  Read more →


Platforms Such as Grand Junction and uShip Are the Key that Unlocks Local Delivery

The key to offering either same-day or retail storefront delivery is having a single platform. Using platforms such as uShip or Grand Junction , local delivery companies across the country can publish rates, and national shippers can post their delivery requests.  Read more →


Driver Networks and the Future of Last-Mile Delivery Operations

My smartphone now allows me to order and receive almost anything within an hour or two, from a bottle of wine a dinner guest mentioned during appetizers to more coat hangers for the shorts I received as a gift a few hours ago. Read more →


Addressing a Legal Threat to Local Delivery Operations
(the FedEx Ground Case on Driver Classification)

The recent ruling by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals that FedEx misclassified its Ground drivers as independent contractors is “a shot across the bow” to companies offering local delivery. Read more →


Uber Launches Home Delivery Service

Uber, the company known for on-demand taxi rides, is getting into the on-demand delivery business. Its foray into the delivery world is in Washington, D.C., where it has unveiled an experimental delivery service it calls Corner Store. Read more →


How Big is the Same-Day Delivery Market?

Same-day delivery continues to generate a lot of buzz in the industry. Check out the following developments in just the past few months: Read more →


Time for Companies to Rethink Their Customer Delivery Strategy

While couriers have long been used for local or “last mile” business-to-business deliveries in the U.S., and for consumer deliveries in densely populated areas of the world such as Europe and Asia, the average American thinks… Read more →


Local Couriers vs. National Shipping Providers: The Customer Experience Race

The $46 billion local delivery and courier industry is booming in the US, with more than 4,000 companies. Read more →


Same-Day Delivery, Fleet Tracking Gain Focus in Distribution

An emerging trend in delivery and logistics is the increased use of “local delivery,” or using delivery networks within localized markets to deliver products in a short timeframe… Read more →


Perfecting Same-Day Delivery

In a recent survey of more than 100,000 online buyers, nearly 24% said same-day delivery was “important” to them, and 6% said they’d consider shopping elsewhere if it was not… Read more →


Consumer’s Choice: Retailers’ Tighter Delivery Options Puts More Power in Buyers Hands

With every move towards the standardization of same-day, or even next-hour, shipping, the transportation industry is moving closer to putting shipping power into the hands of the consumer… Read more →


FAA Rules Prevent Amazon From Using Drones … for Now

The idea of Amazon‘s (NASDAQ: AMZN ) drone delivery always seemed like something out of science fiction. Now it appears the program has been formally grounded — at least for now — by the Federal Aviation Administration…. Read more →


Same-Day Delivery: A Checklist for Retailers Seeking an Antidote to Amazon: Part Two

While Amazon has certainly been giving retailers a lot of heartburn, there is an antidote. Strong competition forces leaders to reevaluate the status quo. Taking steps toward same-day delivery helps retailers meet… Read more →


Same-Day Delivery Is Limited to Urban Markets, Experts Say

New and intensely promoted shipping options such as same-day delivery and package-carrying drones may have some commercial potential, but only in the most densely populated areas, industry experts say… Read more →


Same-Day Delivery: A Checklist for Retailers Seeking an Antidote to Amazon: Part One

The Amazon genie is out of the bottle, and it’s not going back in. The introduction of Amazon Prime in 2005 was a highly disruptive force in retail, and, until recently, it was hard to know how successful that foray into… Read more →


Retailers Walmart, Amazon Rolling Out Same-Day Deliveries

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. of Bentonville and Inc. of Seattle recently expanded their pilot programs to offer same-day service to customers in select cities. Both companies in some cases are using their own trucks… Read more →


Are Local Couriers the Future Of Last-Mile Logistics?

Customer expectations for speedier delivery times and later cutoffs force retailers and their logistics partners to live on the edge. Shipping guarantees, whatever the cost, get consumer buy-in. But as e-commerce continues to expand… Read more →


Battle Intensifies for Local and Same-Day Delivery Service by Amazon and Its Rivals

The battle for fast, local delivery of items ordered over the Internet is heating up., Inc., Google, Inc., eBay Inc. and the ride-sharing service Uber have all recently launched services that are intended to bypass traditional couriers… Read more →


What’s next for e-fulfillment

While we’ve been focusing on the warehouse, the next evolution in e-commerce is the last mile delivery and in-store fulfillment. It could be the break brick-and-mortar has been looking for… Read more →


Debunking the Myths of Same-Day Delivery (Or What Amazon Learned from a 90-Year-Old Distributor)

What do both Google and eBay do wrong that a 90-year-old industrial supply distributor does right? I’m talking about same-day delivery. And I’m also talking about Grainger, the longstanding industrial supply distributor whose doorstep… Read more →


Behind eBay and Amazon’s Race for Same-Day Delivery

Ecommerce giants are trying to build out same-day delivery services – but why are they taking on this challenge, and which companies are poised to win? Grand Junction founder and CEO Rob Howard has answers to these questions… Read more →


Same-Day Delivery: From Competitive Advantage to Must-Offer Service

Traditionally, consumers have had several options for getting their online purchases delivered, including next-day, second-day and economy, all of which are offered by FedEx, UPS and the U.S. Postal Service. However, the rise of omnichannel… Read more →


Why the Amazon Prime Price Increase is Good for Retailers

Weighing the revenue generated by subscriptions against the cost of shipping, has clearly lost money on Prime. And let’s be honest: Prime isn’t about the Kindle lending library or the on-demand videos; it’s about the fast… Read more →


Now Is the Time to Prepare for Same-Day Delivery

Consumer demand for same-day delivery continues to rise. The emphasis on shipping that was sparked by the success of Amazon Prime is now extended to moves by eBay, Google and Walmart to offer same-day services. These corporate… Read more →


Will Customer Loyalty Suffer In Light Of Amazon Prime Price Hike?

Online giant Amazon has been spotlighted as a retail innovator with its dedication to creating a seamless customer experience. While the retailer has been praised for its personalization strategies, Amazon now has an eye on the future… Read more →


Following Holiday Season Delivery Debacle, Amazon Revamps Its U.S. Delivery Network

Following the Christmas holiday debacle in delivering packages in a timely manner to customers, it was apparent that Amazon needed to make changes. Amazon Prime was a contributor to the mess, and the fees for Prime have been raised... Read more →


Amazon Revamps Its U.S. Delivery Network

Following the Christmas holiday debacle in delivering packages in a timely manner to customers, it was apparent that Amazon needed to make changes. Amazon Prime was a contributor to the mess, and the fees for Prime have been raisedRead more →


Amazon Opens Pandora’s Box of Same-Day Delivery: Is It Here to Stay?

Same-day delivery seems like a genius idea, right? But the problem is, consumers have to pay for it, and as it turns out, that’s not always something they’re willing to do. More and more, retailers are beginning to offer same-day delivery… Read more →


Amazon Pushes Prime Price to $99

After about six weeks of speculation, Amazon has announced it will raise the annual membership fee for Prime to $99…. Read more →


The Most Critical Factor in Last-Mile Delivery: Managing the End-Customer Experience

Local delivery is among the hottest trends in the logistics field today, especially among retailers, both online and brick-and-mortar. But why? It’s not a new business practice. In fact, back in the early 1970s, my dad and uncles provided free… Read more →


Same-Day Delivery: The Antidote to Amazon

The Amazon genie is out of the bottle, and it’s not going back in. The introduction of Amazon Prime in 2005 was a highly disruptive force in retail, and, until recently, it was hard to know how successful that foray into two-day free shipping… Read more →


Grand Junction Adds Task-Management to Local Delivery Software

Grand Junction Inc. has added capability for collaborative task management to its cloud-based software platform in support of local delivery service… Read more →


Home Depot Spending $300 Million to Enable Same-Day Delivery

The Wall Street Journal reports that Home Depot plans to spend “at least $300 million on supply chain, technology and online improvements in the fiscal year that begins in February, including building new fulfillment centers and… Read more →


Amazon’s delivery drones seen as bid to overcome company’s Achilles Heel

No drawing-board concept in recent memory has been so thoroughly dissected as’s plan— revealed Sunday night to a national television audience—to use automated drones to deliver packages within 30 minutes to destinations… Read more →


This Week in Logistics News (December 2-6, 2013)

There are huge piles of leaves in my backyard that I need to bag before Tuesday, the last day the city will pick them up, so let’s go straight to the news because I have a date with a rake this afternoon… Read more →