Grand Junction - Local Delivery Reinvented

Establish Local Delivery

Grand Junction provides everything needed to access and manage local carriers and drivers in every market in the US and Canada.



New users of local delivery are turning to Grand Junction

Emerging apps and established companies use our platform to roll out new customer delivery options; ASAP, AM/PM, same-day, scheduled, two-man, and other customized programs are all best served by local delivery. Grand Junction provides turnkey access to the local delivery industry and professionalizes the experience with technology.


The clear alternative to building your own driver network

Establishing your own local delivery program nationwide is a monumental challenge, with more than 4,000 mom-and-pop local carriers to choose from and challenges associated with recruiting and managing carriers and drivers. Grand Junction gives you access to local delivery out of the box, reducing your investment and accelerating your geographical rollout.

Your own proprietary delivery network

Configure your service levels, choose from more than 700 carriers already on the platform, access drivers directly, implement online training, or plug in your own carriers and drivers. We provide the technology platform to make it all happen seamlessly.



Join leading retailers, 3PLs, and distributors

Our customers manage millions of orders every month using Grand Junction’s Last Mile Platform. Our built-in collaboration system, payment processing solution, training center, and operations dashboards drive quality and visibility that produce a professional last mile delivery experience for your customers.